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Uniform Information
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Dress Code-
Students must wear appropriate school attire, thereby maintaining neatness, cleanliness, and self-respect. This is to ensure our school is a desirable place in which to promote learning and character development. 

  • All students must wear tennis shoes only- This is for the child's safety and comfort. No other type of footwear will be permitted.
  • No head gear, I.E. hats, bandannas, etc. Head gear may not be worn inside the building unless approved by the coordinator. These items need to be kept in the students backpack throughout the day. This applies to boys and girls.
  • Outer wear-  Jackets, coats, or hoodies may not be worn in the building. They can be worn to school but must be removed once the student enters the building.
  • Shorts and skirts- Shorts and skirts will be allowed according to the following criteria: Fit must be appropriate, Length must be 1" below index finger when hands are at sides. Leggings may be worn as long as a loose fitting top covers the students upper legs.
  • Shirts- Must conform to the following guidelines: No spaghetti straps or racer back tanks. All tops must cover the torso at all times. Shirts may not contain inappropriate or suggestive advertisements, slogans, or pictures. This includes no inappropriate language, weapons, or advertising of alcohol or tobacco.
  • No pajamas- Pajamas can only be worn during school approved events or celebrations. These will be announced prior to the event/celebration.
  • No jewelry- Chains, medallions, bracelets ,earrings, or rings should not be worn for both student and staff safety. If at any time jewelry is worn it will be confiscated and held in the office until end of day. If this continues to be a problem the students parent will have to come pick up the jewelry.
  • No Holes- Clothing should be free of any holes, rips, or tears. 

Electronics policy

No phones, smartwatches, tablets, or game consoles are permitted at the Dawn School during the school day. While we understand students having these items on the bus, we expect all students to turn in their electronics to the teacher at the beginning of the day. If a student is found to have an electronic during the school day, it will be confiscated and held in the office until a parent can pick it up.

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